Program Officer Position

Primary Functions
The Program Officer will be responsible for implementing grantmaking processes, conducting due diligence regarding grant applications, managing grants that have been awarded, and participating in other program-related activities. This Program Officer position is expected to work primarily but not exclusively with programs and projects involving construction of public infrastructure and with assessment and improvement of sites for economic development. The ability to critically evaluate and analyze programmatic and financial information is key to this position. The Program Officer has the responsibilities listed below and performs other duties as assigned. Program Officers are supervised by the Directors of Programs.

Review and Analyze Applications

  • Reviewing and analyzing grant applications and supporting materials, including technical reports, meeting with applicants and conducting due diligence, preparing written summaries of applications, developing funding recommendations for discussion with staff, and collaborating with staff to formulate recommendations for funding to the Board of Directors

Monitor Grants

  • Working with new grantees to finalize the budget, outcomes, activities, and any special conditions against which projects will be measured
  • Reviewing grantee progress reports and modification requests, analyzing the information presented, following up on missing items, identifying and addressing questions or concerns, identifying and reviewing appropriate supporting documentation to verify grantee programmatic outcomes and conducting site visits as warranted
  • Reviewing financial reports and disbursement requests, comparing reported expenditures to approved budget line items, and identifying and reviewing appropriate documentation necessary to verify reported expenditures, including invoices
  • Completing written analyses of reports and materials received from grantees
  • Making recommendations regarding payment of grantee disbursement requests, approval of modification requests, and acceptance of grantee reports
  • Identifying instances of grantee non-compliance and making recommendations for appropriate corrective action
  • Serving as a resource for grantees with questions regarding Golden LEAF grant administration policies and procedures

Support Outreach

  • Researching and collecting data regarding outcomes of grants supported by Golden LEAF, to be used for internal purposes, for distribution to constituents of Golden LEAF, and for other communications. Gathering information for reporting and outreach purposes.

Preferred Attributes

  • Effective communication skills, including written communications, and the ability to interact with individuals from diverse backgrounds
  • Strong research, analytical, investigative, and organizational capabilities as well as the ability to distill ideas and clarify issues 
  • A strong work ethic, including ability to work independently, plan, set goals and objectives, organize, follow through, and meet deadlines
  • Capacity to manage multiple responsibilities at once and to prioritize projects to align with organizational needs
  • Knowledge of the nonprofit, educational, and/or governmental sectors
  • Understanding and appreciation for economic challenges and opportunities of North Carolina’s rural communities
  • Attraction to the mission of the Golden LEAF Foundation and a desire to be part of a mission-driven team are highly desired
  • Exceptional standards of professionalism, integrity and honesty, and commitment to quality in all aspects of work

Minimum Qualifications

  • A minimum of three years experience relevant to the Primary Functions of the Program Officer position listed above 
  • Demonstrated proficiency in the use of common software programs including Microsoft Outlook, Word, and Excel, and the ability to learn to use a grants management database system 

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience working with (or a demonstrated interest in and knowledge of) construction projects, especially in the public sector, and of due diligence analyses completed when assessing the suitability of property for development, e.g., environmental site assessments, utility capacity analyses, buildable area maps, etc.
  • Knowledge of financial and programmatic reporting practices in the nonprofit, educational, and/or governmental sectors

This position will be based at the Golden LEAF offices at 301 N. Winstead Avenue in Rocky Mount, NC with travel within the state expected (amount varies, but approximate average of two days per month). Currently, Golden LEAF staff is required to work from the office Mondays and Thursdays, with the option to work remotely the remainder of the week.

Compensation and Benefits
The Program Officer position is a full-time, professional position with compensation and benefits commensurate with responsibilities and experience. This position has an anticipated hiring range of $63,000-$78,000, depending on qualifications and experience.

Golden LEAF provides the following benefits to employees:

  • Golden LEAF paid contributions to a retirement plan at the rate of ten percent (10%) of base salary with no required contribution by the employee.
  • Enrollment in Golden LEAF’s medical insurance plan for the employee and dependents. The plan pays a benefit of 90% of medical costs once the deductible has been met. Golden LEAF contributes to a Health Savings Account (HSA) in the employee’s name to help offset the cost of the deductible. Golden LEAF pays all medical plan premiums, provided that premiums plus HSA contribution total less than $21,000.
  • Enrollment in Golden LEAF’s dental plan for the employee and dependents. Maximum benefits are $1,000 per person in the plan year.
  • Enrollment in a long-term disability insurance plan and a life insurance plan.
  • Annual leave and sick leave. Golden LEAF has 12 official holidays per year.

Applications will be reviewed and interviews will be conducted on a rolling basis and the position filled once the successful candidate is identified.

Golden LEAF will conduct a criminal background check and may conduct additional background checks and drug tests of applicants as a condition of employment.

How to Apply
Resumes must be submitted using the form on the Golden LEAF website below.

Completion of all fields in the form below is required for submission. 

A confirmation email will be sent to the email address provided following successful submission. 

If you have any questions about the position or experience technical difficulties, please contact Kasey Ginsberg at [email protected]

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