Spotlight on several of North Carolina’s Workforce Preparedness funders

Spotlight on several of North Carolina’s Workforce Preparedness funders

February 16, 2023

North Carolina is home to a number of funding institutions supporting strategies necessary to grow our workforce. As a result of Golden LEAF’s strategic plan, one of the five strategic priorities is to have, and be recognized for, excellence in organizational collaboration, innovation, and impact. To help address this goal, Golden LEAF has featured partners that focus on Workforce Preparedness funding, including scholarships to build educational attainment for workforce opportunities.

Please see examples of Workforce Preparedness funders below and click the links to get more information on deadlines.

Tobacco Trust Fund
N.C. Tobacco Trust Fund Commission’s mission is to assist tobacco farmers, former tobacco quota holders, persons engaged in tobacco-related businesses, individuals displaced from tobacco-related employment, and tobacco product component businesses in the State affected by the adverse effects of the Master Settlement Agreement.

  • 2023 Annual Grant Cycle: The N.C. Tobacco Trust Fund Commission conducts one grant cycle a year. Applications are due March 3, 2023.

John M. Belk Endowment
The mission of the John M. Belk Endowment (JMBE) is to transform postsecondary educational opportunities to meet North Carolina’s evolving workforce needs.

  • The John M. Belk Impact Fellowship: This fellowship is a 10-month (August-May), paid program that provides hands-on experience for students currently enrolled in community college, undergraduate, or graduate programs in North Carolina.
  • The Belk Scholarship: This scholarship provides comprehensive funding plus special opportunity stipends that allow great flexibility in the on- and off-campus experiences scholars choose to explore. Those experiences, paired with our academic programs, deepen students’ insight, maturity and understanding of global issues.

State Employees Credit Union Foundation
The mission of the State Employees Credit Union Foundation (SECU Foundation) is to promote local community development primarily through high impact projects in the areas of housing, education, healthcare, and human services.

  • SECU Public Fellows Internship Program: The program is designed to connect interested, talented undergraduate students with local leadership in order to obtain meaningful on-the-job experience with a local agency or organization while providing a unique learning opportunity to allow the SECU Public Fellows Intern to give back to his or her community.
  • People Helping People High School Scholarship Program: The SECU Foundation People Helping People four-year scholarship valued at $10,000 is payable at $1,250 per semester, for a total of eight consecutive semesters. Each Local Education Agency (LEA) or school district has a scholarship selection committee that selects the recipients of the scholarship for the schools within their district.
  • People Helping People Community College Scholarship Program: SECU Foundation provides two $5,000 scholarships to students at each North Carolina community college. The two-year community college scholarship is valued at $5,000, payable at $1,250 per semester, for up to four consecutive semesters.
  • Scholarship Program: SECU Bridge to Career Program: A $500 scholarship fund that can be used for registration fees, course fees, books, course supplies, credentialing tests, transportation, childcare, and any other components of the total cost of attendance

The Appalachian Regional Commission’s mission is to innovate, partner, and invest to build community capacity and strengthen economic growth in Appalachia. ARC’s vision is that Appalachia is a region of great opportunity that will achieve socio economic parity with the nation.

  • Area Development Program: ARC’s annual Area Development program relies on a flexible “bottom up” approach to economic development, empowering Appalachian communities to work with their state governments to design impactful investment opportunities supporting their mission and investment priorities. All ARC Area Development grant proposals originate at the state level in consultation with the ARC state program manager.
  • POWER (Partnerships for Opportunity and Workforce and Economic Revitalization) Initiative: The ARC’s POWER Initiative for FY 2023 opens on February 21, 2023.
  • INvestments Supporting Partnerships In Recovery Ecosystems (INSPIRE) Initiative: This initiative seeks to address the substance use disorder crisis by creating or expanding a recovery ecosystem that will lead to workforce entry or re-entry.
  • The Appalachian Regional Commission offers several academies and institutes throughout the year. These academies and institutes are intended to provide opportunities for individuals living in Appalachia access to programs in a variety of fields including STEM education, entrepreneurship development, applied research, and community leadership.

North Carolina Community Foundation
North Carolina Community Foundation’s mission is to inspire North Carolinians to make lasting and meaningful contributions to their communities.

  • NCCF Scholarship Funds: The North Carolina Community Foundation manages approximately 150 scholarship funds, supporting students from all over the state in their educational pursuits.

Smith Reynolds
Smith Reynolds Foundation is working to improve the quality of life for all North Carolinians.

  • Community Progress Fund: ZSR’s Community Progress Fund seeks to support local communities by making time-limited investments at key moments and is intended to build on existing momentum to help move an issue, idea, or organization forward.
  • ZSR Fellowship: The ZSR Fellowship is a paid two-year fellowship for an individual with interests in philanthropy, public policy, community service, and/or the nonprofit sector. Eligible candidates must be natives or residents of North Carolina and/or graduates of an accredited North Carolina college or university.

Dogwood Health Trust
Dogwood Health Trust is working to dramatically improve the health and wellbeing of all people and communities.

  • Economic Opportunity: Dogwood Heath Trust believes the ability to earn an income which can sufficiently support a family is at the foundation of sustaining a healthy life. Dogwood Health Trust believes economic opportunity is the greatest weapon in the fight against poverty and to improve all social determinants of health.
  • Education: Dogwood Health Trust believes education begins at birth and lasts throughout life. Education can be a key to unleash the potential of opportunity for everyone, especially for those whose communities have been marginalized. Therefore, education should be equitable, excellent in its delivery and accessible to all regardless of place, gender, or ethnicity.

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