Golden LEAF seeks two positions for Programs team

Golden LEAF seeks two positions for Programs team

May 25, 2023

Golden LEAF has two positions currently open on the Programs team: Program Officer and Food Distribution Assistance Program Associate. The Program Officer position is a full-time position to support Golden LEAF’s funding programs. The Program Associate position is a time-limited, federally funded position to support the Food Distribution Assistance Program.

This Program Officer position will primarily work on programs and projects involving construction of public infrastructure and with assessment and improvement of sites for economic development. This position will be responsible for implementing grantmaking processes, conducting due diligence regarding grant applications, managing grants that have been awarded, and participating in other program-related activities. The ability to critically evaluate and analyze programmatic and financial information is key to this position.

Many of our Program Officers have a history of working either as a grant administrator or as a project implementer on a grant funded project.

Learn more about some of the Golden LEAF Programs staff, their backgrounds, and their skills below.

Kimberly Ingram is a Program Officer who joined Golden LEAF in May 2022. She has a background in quality control and grants program management.

“I have worked with various grant funded projects before joining Golden LEAF,” said Ingram. “I was the administrator of grants as well as the boots on the ground person who implemented the projects. Coming from a community college setting, I understand the importance of multitasking to effectively manage dozens of grants at different stages in the funding process, from due diligence on an applicant to monitoring the project.”

Program Officer Miranda Dalton also came from a background of working in education and with a federal program focused on early childhood success. She has worked at Golden LEAF since October 2012. While Dalton primarily works on workforce preparedness projects, she also administers job creation and economic investment projects.

“Working on our Economic Catalyst projects requires knowing the technical terms of the trade,” said Dalton. “The lingo is very specific for the project from starting with clearing and grading the land to the actual construction. It is also important to understand the different roles stakeholders play who are involved in these projects. With any of our programs and priorities, it is important for the Program Officer to have critical thinking, writing, reporting, active listening, and comprehension skills.”

Brynn Fann is a Program Officer who joined the Programs staff in 2020 to work on Golden LEAF’s state-funded projects such as the Flood Mitigation Program. He also works on other infrastructure and agriculture projects. He previously worked for a state-funded nonprofit where he acquired grant management skills.

“At Golden LEAF, I have learned to read and understand engineering documentation, GIS data, different types of maps, as well as more about different types of infrastructure,” said Fann. “The types of projects I work on require a level of understanding of why certain materials provide a different level of benefit depending on the project. It is also important to know whether the infrastructure is permanent or can be transported and why a piece of infrastructure may be changed out for a different type of infrastructure and what if any repercussions it has on the project.”

Program Officer Suzanne Keil joined Golden LEAF in January 2016. She worked at a community college on grant programs and research.

“I find that some of the most valuable tools I have brought with me from my previous work experiences were documentation and reporting skills,” said Keil. “These skills are especially important for the Economic Catalyst and SITE Program projects because there are very specific types of documentation needed for our due diligence and reports. I also find it helpful to have great communication skills so you can communicate what you need and in what format so that our grantees have an easier time with reporting their information accurately the first time.”

The Food Distribution Assistance Program Associate position is anticipated to last approximately two years. The primary responsibility of this position is to support the implementation of the Food Distribution Assistance Program. This includes implementing monitoring of recipients and supporting compliance across the Program. The Program Associate will focus on data and record management, including organization of physical and electronic records. More information on the Food Distribution Assistance Program is available here.

The application process for both roles is currently open. Please visit for more information.

You can also read about Program Officer Jason Rochelle in this spotlight and our other Programs staff by visiting

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