Golden LEAF Scholarship Alumni Spotlight: Krystal Lamb Kidd

Golden LEAF Scholarship Alumni Spotlight: Krystal Lamb Kidd

May 26, 2022

Golden LEAF Scholarship Alumni Spotlight: Krystal Lamb Kidd

Name: Krystal (Lamb) Kidd
High School Attended: Uwharrie Charter Academy
Home County: Randolph
College Attended: University of North Carolina at Greensboro (2017-2021)
Major: Psychology
Minor: Human Development and Family Studies
County Now Living In: Davidson
Employer: Family Services, Inc.
Title: Family Advocate
Years Working for Current Employer: 8 months 

What does rural mean to you?
Rural is a strong sense of community. My rural community is growing and expanding! I used to think rural meant weak, but now I know it means strong and close-knit.

What is your hope for rural North Carolina?
My hope is that rural North Carolina will be able to expand their resources for people and families in need.

What were some of your major accomplishments during college?
I graduated as a first-generation college student. I was inducted into the honors society for psychology majors, PSI CHI. I was voted the PSI CHI Vice President for the 2020-2021 school year. I was inducted into the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society and graduated with disciplinary honors. I also completed an honors thesis, “Comparing the Marital Satisfaction of Spouses Who Met Online vs. Offline.”

What would you tell someone interested in applying for the Golden LEAF Scholarship about being a recipient?
Go for it! The Golden LEAF Scholarship opens up so many doors and offers so much more than just money to fund your college education. It was a great experience that I will forever be thankful for, and it allowed me to do things that I otherwise would not have had the opportunity to do.

What did you learn during your experience?
To step outside my comfort zone! There were many times throughout the program where I was way outside my comfort zone, but I learned so much about myself and my community, and also gained many valuable experiences during the conferences and my internships.

What internship experiences did you have?
I interned at Regional Consolidated Services, where I worked with a HeadStart Family Advocate. I also served as an intern at Uwharrie Charter Academy High School, where I worked with the Dean and administrative assistant. My last internship was with the Family Crisis Center, working in their domestic violence division.

Did your rural internship experiences help shape your career choice?
My internships definitely strengthened my desire for a career in social work. One interesting thing is that one of my coworkers that I interviewed with for my current position was also a Golden LEAF Scholar! During my Regional Consolidated Services internship, I was able to work with a HeadStart Family Advocate and help with applications, enrollments, working at the centers, etc. I truly believe that my experience working at Regional Consolidated Services, along with my coworker also being a Golden LEAF Scholar, played a huge part in me landing my current job. I now work as a HeadStart Family Advocate in a different county. It’s very special to be doing the same things in my current position that I did with the Family Advocate at Regional Consolidated Services.

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