Golden LEAF External Affairs Intern Spotlight: Brooksie Lawson

Golden LEAF External Affairs Intern Spotlight: Brooksie Lawson

March 10, 2022

Name: Brooksie Lawson
High School Attended: Mount Airy High School
Home County: Surry
College Attending/ Years Attended: N.C. State University (2021-present)
Major: Communications with a concentration in Communication Media
Minor(s): Nonprofit Studies and Psychology
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What does it mean to you to be a Golden LEAF Scholarship recipient?

Being a Golden LEAF Scholar recipient gives me the opportunity to spend four years soaking up all that I can from my university in hopes of taking all that I’ve learned back to a rural community once I graduate. To me, being a Golden LEAF scholar means getting the chance to give back to the community that poured into me as I was growing up. It means being a part of something greater than myself.

How have your college experiences prepared you for this internship?

I’ve been able to engage with a diverse group of people during my time in college so far, and I think that has been something I’ve been able to carry over into this internship as I’ve seen the diversity in those applying for and receiving Golden LEAF funding. Also, having started college in the middle of the pandemic, I was able to adapt to the remote work aspect of the internship fairly quickly.

What have you learned that you didn’t think would be a part of External Affairs work?

I was surprised to find out that data entry/upkeep would be such a prevalent part of the job, but I’ve seen how helpful it is, especially when it comes to keeping up with current scholars’ information.

What are some of your favorite things you do as an intern at Golden LEAF?

I love getting to have a seat at the table and being welcomed with any potential thoughts or ideas I may have. I get to have quite a bit of creative freedom when it comes to different tasks which I’ve really enjoyed. I also just love getting to interact with people and making new connections.

Describe Golden LEAF in three words…

Diverse, innovative, collaborative

What do you want to do when you graduate?

I want to go into ministry or mission work in some form with the hopes of utilizing my passion for videography and photography to help organizations tell the stories of the work they are doing and the people they’re helping.

Would you like to share any words of advice for prospective interns?

I would encourage anyone considering interning with Golden LEAF to take that step and apply! I’ve gained several new skills in my time as an intern so far, and I’ve been able to play to my strengths while also being pushed out of my comfort zone in some areas. It will be a great experience for anyone!

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