Funder Spotlight: North Carolina Community Foundation

Funder Spotlight: North Carolina Community Foundation

North Carolina is home to a number of funding institutions supporting economic development and related strategies necessary for economic growth. As a result of Golden LEAF’s strategic plan, one of the five strategic priorities is to have, and be recognized for, excellence in organizational collaboration, innovation, and impact. To help address this goal, a spotlight on North Carolina funders will be included in the Golden LEAF Newsletter as a resource for our readers.

Located in Raleigh, the North Carolina Community Foundation’s mission is to inspire North Carolinians to make lasting and meaningful contributions to their communities. The NCCF succeeds through a unique statewide network of affiliates that leverages the collective power of local leadership to effect meaningful change throughout North Carolina.

NCCF is the only statewide community foundation in North Carolina, serving all 100 counties. NCCF’s affiliate foundation network includes 53 local community foundations, serving 60 counties. NCCF offers a variety of grant opportunities throughout the year, each with its own criteria, deadline, and decision-making process.

Statewide Affiliate Foundation Network

Each of NCCF’s 53 affiliate foundations is led by a board of local community members called to connect needs to resources by offering a grant opportunity every year. Nonprofit organizations can apply for funding from the NCCF affiliate foundation located in any county served by that nonprofit. Click here for more information.

Louise Oriole Burevitch Endowment

The Louise Oriole Burevitch Endowment supports nonprofit organizations with programs, projects and general operations that specifically target education, health and human services needs in efforts to improve the communities of eastern NC and the lives of the people who live in them. The endowment gives priority to organizations in southeastern NC and to nonprofits benefiting women, children/youth, and the elderly. Click here for more information.

Giving Circles and The Women’s Fund of NC

NCCF supports several women’s giving circles across the state of North Carolina, as well as a related statewide grant opportunity offered by The Women’s Fund of NC.  These programs leverage local community networks and the power of collective giving to support nonprofit organizations serving women, children and families. Click here for more information. 

Other Community funds

NCCF also responds to disasters and other community crises as needed through funds like the NCCF Disaster Relief Fund and the NC Healing Communities Fund.

NCCF Scholarship Funds

The North Carolina Community Foundation manages approximately 150 scholarship funds, supporting students from all over the state in their educational pursuits. The NCCF scholarship application cycle begins each year in February. Deadlines vary throughout the spring. Information about applying can be found by clicking here.

How to Contact NCCF

For more information about NCCF grant opportunities, nonprofit organizations can visit or contact the NCCF Program Officer serving their region:

Tyran Hill, Western NC                                         [email protected]
Kelly Lee, Central NC                                             [email protected]
Anne Sorhagen, Eastern NC                                 [email protected]
Christopher Fipps, Grant Program Manager   [email protected]

For the most current information from NCCF, visit the NCCF homepage, scrolling down to the bottom right corner to subscribe to our newsletter. You can follow NCCF on social media by clicking the following links: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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