External Affairs Intern Spotlight: Emilly Hernandez-Rivera

External Affairs Intern Spotlight: Emilly Hernandez-Rivera

July 11, 2024

Name: Emilly Hernandez-Rivera
Intern Start Month: May
Home County: Nash
Current College/ Years Attended: Western Governors University (2024 – )
Major: Business Administration in Marketing

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What does it mean to you to serve as an intern at Golden LEAF?
To serve as an intern at Golden LEAF means playing a small part in helping my community and scholarship recipients, as well as giving back to Golden LEAF who have given me this amazing opportunity to work alongside those with the mission to assist and improve rural North Carolina.

What have you learned that you didn’t think would be a part of this internship?
I have learned more in-depth about the different kinds of work and necessary skills that go into an external affairs role. In addition, this internship has taught me a lot more about nonprofits through Golden LEAF’s impactful work, as well as the importance of networking.

What are some of your favorite things you do as an intern at Golden LEAF?
One of my favorite things is being able to collaborate on posts and articles for the Golden LEAF Foundation, and learning about how Golden LEAF is impacting the community through their stories when doing research for a newsletter or article.

Describe Golden LEAF in three words.
Motivational. Engaging. Welcoming.

What type of work do you want to do when you graduate?
I am hoping to work in the communications and marketing field, but I am very open to other opportunities that I may come across, especially in a nonprofit organization.

Would you like to share any words of advice for prospective interns?
Know that everyone at Golden LEAF is rooting for you. Take advantage of all the support you are given.

How is working at Golden LEAF preparing you for your future career?
Golden LEAF has given me an opportunity to not only gain knowledge in my field, but to work on and improve my interpersonal and soft skills. Serving as an intern here has taught me more about building a network and allowed me to grow professionally and as an individual.


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