WWTR Access Road & Generator Improvements

Town of Fairmont
Program Area:
Disaster Recovery Grant Program
County of Applicant:

Flooding as a result of Hurricane Matthew partially washed out and flooded the road to a regional wastewater treatment plant operated by Fairmont, preventing access. FEMA has provided limited funds for repairs to the access road, but the road has continued to erode. The existing road needs to be widened and elevated to prevent future damage from flooding and enable access to the plant. Golden LEAF Hurricane Matthew Disaster Recovery grant funds will be used to improve the access road. The proposed project will benefit all users of the plant, which include residents, businesses, industries and institutions within Fairmont, the municipalities of Fair Bluff, Boardman, Cerro Gordo, and several Robeson County and Columbus County schools.

Mr. Jerome ChestnutPO Box 248Fairmont, North Carolina 28340(910) 628-9766
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