Upscale Pork Markets for Small Scale Hog Producers

North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
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Open Grants Program
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The goal of this project is to assist small-scale, limited resource tobacco farmers in making a profitable transition from growing tobacco to producing pork for niche markets. In 1999, eleven percent of tobacco farmers also sold pork. Prospects for small-scale producers have been bleak in recent years, but Niman Ranch, a nationally recognized and successful retailer of specialty meats, is interested in developing a small-scale hog producer network to serve their east coast markets. This project will allow small-scale, and/or part-time farmers to find new markets and higher profit margins by raising swine in “old-timey” pasturing ways that enhance the flavor of the pork and protect the environment. Funds will be used to assist in developing market access for small-scale producers and for research in producing integrated crop/animal systems that utilize hog waste to enhance soil productivity and preserve water quality.

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