The Next Generation Textile and Furniture Economy

The Industrial Commons
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Community-Based Grants Initiative
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This award provides funding to The Industrial Commons (TIC) to provide training opportunities for workers in the furniture and textile industries and to support the development and growth of an innovative closed loop production system. TIC will partner with Western Piedmont Community College to provide programs to meet the workforce demand of the network of 40 textiles companies that make up the Carolina Textile District (CTD). Additionally, Material Return, a company controlled by TIC, will work with local manufacturers to convert post-production textile waste into new yarn creating a closed loop of production system, and adding value to these materials that are currently used for low-value purposes such as insulation. Companies in the CTD have identified demand for 80 employees in the next two years. These jobs are expected to start near $33,000 and to average $45,000. Golden LEAF funds will be used for equipment, project management and trainers, leased space, and supplies.

Mrs. Sara N. ChesterPO Box 71Morganton, North Carolina 28680(828) 674-3141
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Any project more than a couple of years old may not reflect current Board priorities.
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