Plant Based Bioprocessing to Produce New Value-Added Agricultural Products in Rural North Carolina Communities

North Carolina State University
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Open Grants Program
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The purpose of this Golden LEAF grant is to support a multidisciplinary research and development effort to utilize and test methods of plant-based bioprocessing to produce new value-added agricultural products. The project will: 1) test the feasibility of a CO2 technique for extracting critical components from plant tissues; 2) identify a purple sweet potato variety adapted for cultivation in N.C. (source of commercial interest as a dye and food colorant); 3) develop specialty tobacco varieties for high-value products (i.e. those used as fragrance ingredients and as insecticides); and, 4) develop an extraction technology for producing papillomavirus vaccines from genetically engineered tobacco (for canine oral papillomavirus, similar enough in structure that a vaccine could also be developed to combat human papillomavirus, a major cause of cervical cancer in humans).

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