Open a 25-Bed Recovery Center for Women Addicted to Drugs and Expand 2 Businesses Intended to Fund Payroll and Assist with Operational Costs

Brunswick Christian Recovery Center
Program Area:
Open Grants Program
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Funding will assist Brunswick Christian Recovery Center (BCRC) with providing 80 individuals with a degree, diploma, or certificate through its Workforce Redevelopment Program. BRCC will expand the Workforce Redevelopment Program which includes its landscaping and commercial cleaning businesses. The program also offers short-term skills training provided by Brunswick Community College in small engine repair, carpentry, masonry and electrical. BCRC operates a residential recovery center for men and will open a recovery center for women this fall. Expanding the landscaping and commercial cleaning businesses will provide greater workforce development opportunities for the residents and will also provide revenue to support the Center’s operations. Golden LEAF funds will be used for supplies and equipment to support the landscaping and cleaning businesses.

Mr. Ronald G. Sorice1994 Ash-Little River RoadAsh, North Carolina 28420(910) 575-4075
Areas Served:
Brunswick/Columbus/New Hanover/Pender

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