Northeast NC Trades Training Center

River City Community Development Corporation
Program Area:
Community-Based Grants Initiative
County of Applicant:

The purpose of this grant is to provide funding to the River City Community Development Corporation (RCCDC) to develop a trades training center for the region in the business district of Pasquotank County. The center will offer training that initially focuses on industry-recognized certifications in plumbing and landscaping, including the HBI-PACT Curriculum, an industry-recognized certification program available through the Home Builders Institute. RCCDC plans to recruit 30-35 individuals who are under/unemployed and/or dislocated workers that are 18 years of age and older and reside in a six-county area of northeastern North Carolina to participate in the program and provide them with 12 months of instruction and hands-on work experience repairing low-income housing and 12 months of job placement follow up to increase retention. RCCDC owns the building to be renovated to house the training center. Golden LEAF funding will be used for renovation costs, equipment, participant stipends, training costs, certification/credential fees, and operating expenses.

Mrs. Lenora Jarvis-Mackey501 E. Main StreetElizabeth City, North Carolina 27909(252) 331-2925
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