Meeting Industry Demand for Certified Logging Equipment Operators

East Carolina University
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Open Grants Program
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The purpose of this grant is to provide funding to East Carolina University and the Agromedicine Institute to develop and implement a formalized training program for logging equipment operators. The training will be provided with support from the N.C. Association of Professional Loggers and the N.C. Community College System. Training will cover topics such as equipment operation, maintenance, health and safety, environmental awareness, and landowner relations. Training will take place on ‘real-life’ training sites. Students will be recruited from tobacco-dependent, economically distressed, and/or rural counties. The program will also enable trainees to participate in the NC Department of Labor Apprentice Training Program. The logging industry has indicated its interest in hiring new workers that are familiar with best practices in the operation of logging equipment to promote efficiency and safety and reduce the costs associated with on-the-job accidents.

Mrs. Robin P. Tutor, MPH, OTR/L(252) 744-1045
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