MCAS Cherry Point: Maximizing Workforce Development, Economic Impact and Regional Growth

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This Golden LEAF Grant will be used by the North Carolina’s Eastern Region and its partners to complete an opportunity analysis of economic development opportunities at MACS Cherry Point. The base is being considered along with other military installations for the future basing and maintenance of the new F-35 Joint Strike Fighter which will replace F-18 fighter squadrons. Funds will be used to engage the Research Triangle Institute to complete an analysis of this economic opportunity for eastern NC. The scope of work will include: 1) identifying the F-35 basing criteria the Navy will use to evaluate the location alternatives, 2) assessing MCAS Cherry Point and the FRC East against the criteria identified and making comparisons to other locations being considered, 3) characterizing other potential impacts of the basing decision on the region, and 4) preparing a final assessment and presentation for review by residents, state/local public officials, and other key stakeholders.

Mr. Leonard D. Kulik(252) 522-9813
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