Instructional Technology for the Center for Medical Education and Research

Cumberland County Hospital System, Inc.
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Community-Based Grants Initiative
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This grant will help provide training equipment for the new Center for Medical Education and Research adjacent to the Cape Fear Valley Medical Center. Cape Fear Valley Health System (CFVHS) is in the third year of its physician residency program at Cumberland County Hospital. The program was initiated to address the physician shortage in southeastern North Carolina, as studies show more than half of all physicians go into practice within 50 miles of where they complete their residencies. To provide the classroom, auditorium, and learning space needed for the program, CFVHS is building the Center for Medical Education and Research. Currently, the program has 110 residents. CFVHS expects to add another 58 residents in 2020 and expand to the full capacity of 305 residents within three years. Most residency placements are at least four years. By 2022, CFVHS anticipates 69 physicians will complete their residency programs. CFVHS will assume responsibility for the ongoing maintenance and upgrades needed for the equipment. Federal funding received for each resident will support the ongoing costs of the program. CFVHS is committed to providing any additional funding needed to sustain the program and equipment. Golden LEAF funds will be used to fund technology for the main lecture auditorium.

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