Growing a Profitable Niche Meat Industry: Enhancing Economic Viability across the Local Meat Supply Chain

North Carolina State University
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Open Grants Program
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The purpose of this Golden LEAF grant is to provide funding to North Carolina State University to support the NC Choices program which offers trainings to meat producers and independent processors in areas such as pasture management, carcass utilization, and financial and business planning. The need for assistance is growing as the number of North Carolina livestock producers selling meat directly to consumers grew from 42 to 682 between 2006 and 2013. Most producers that would receive assistance through this project raise up to 100 head of pork and/or 50 head of cattle per year. Though the number of producers is growing, with 92% responding to a NC Choices survey said they expect to maintain or expand production, only 49% of producers operate at a profit, so business planning and technical assistance are needed. Funds will be used to support project personnel, and costs of providing direct assistance and workshops for producers and processors.

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