Foothills Pilot Plant, Phase Two

McDowell Economic Development Association, Inc. (MEDA)
Program Area:
Local Foods Initiative
County of Applicant:

A statewide feasibility study conducted on behalf of the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services revealed a demand for a small scale shared use poultry and rabbit processing facility in western North Carolina. Access to such a facility will allow farmers to increase production to amounts in excess of on-farm slaughter limits currently established by state regulation and to reach additional markets such as grocers and restaurants, which are able to charge a premium for locally produced products. Demand for processing 30,000 head of animals from 30 farms in at least fifteen counties has been established. Additional production by regional farms is expected once the facility is operational. By the third year of operations, the facility is expected to generate over $400,000 per year in revenues for farms.

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