Expanding Carteret Community College’s Nursing Program

Carteret Community College
Program Area:
Community-Based Grantsmaking Initiative
County of Applicant:

This award provides funding to support the expansion of the nursing program at Carteret Community College. COVID- 19 and the great resignation have strained the healthcare system and drained it of qualified, experienced workers. In 2021, Carteret Health Care experienced a 31% turnover for registered nurses. In addition, Carteret County is a certified retirement community with an aging population that requires additional healthcare providers. The college offers the only Health Science programs in Carteret County and is the primary workforce training provider in the county. The college received approval to expand its nursing program by adding a Spring cohort of 25 additional students. Golden LEAF funds will be used for personnel and simulation equipment.

Laurie Massey3505 Arendell StreetMorehead City, North Carolina(252) 222-6000
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