Enhancing Sweetpotato Manufacturer Interest in North Carolina through Proactive Collaboration and Research to Improve Sweetpotato Production and Storage Capabilities and Overcome Frying Constraints

North Carolina State University - Research
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Open Grants Program
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The purpose of this Golden LEAF grant is to support efforts to remove roadblocks to expanding sweetpotato (SP) processing in North Carolina. Fries and chips made from SPs present large and growing market opportunities but the key to advancing opportunities is resolving extended storage quality deficiencies and achieving raw crop cost reductions through crop production innovations. NCSU proposes to 1) evaluate critical components of processing-SP varieties; 2) evaluate and modify current packer/shipper storage room environments for a one-year storage cycle; 3) develop new clones that improve processing potential and long-term storage capability; 4) develop cost-lowering production strategies which harmonize the different needs of the fresh and processing industries; and 5) pursue opportunities to increase SP processing capacity in North Carolina.

Dr. Jonathan R. SchultheisNorth Carolina Research Campus600 Laureate WayKannapolis, North Carolina 28081(919) 513-1981
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