Eastern Foods’ Value Added Processing Initiative

North Carolina Agricultural Foundation, Inc.
Program Area:
Open Grants Program
County of Applicant:

Eastern Foods Cooperative has successfully completed plans for a meat processing facility to serve small and independent pork producers. This funding is to support the first stages of implementing the project, including marketing the processed products, developing certification procedures to assure safety and product quality, and pursuing retail outlets for the products. Currently the cooperative provides farm supplies to farmers in 25 eastern North Carolina counties at favorable prices. In partnership with NC State University, the NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, the NC Department of Commerce, and Pork America, the Eastern Foods Cooperative has mobilized the expertise and professional resources to successfully implement this project. The grant is contingent on the project securing the necessary permitting for the plant.

Ms. Kathy B. KennelCampus Box 7645Raleigh, North Carolina 27695-7645(919) 515-9262
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Any project more than a couple of years old may not reflect current Board priorities.
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