Eastern Carolina Livestock Arena & Education Center

County of Edgecombe
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Open Grants Program
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The purpose of this Golden LEAF grant is to assist Edgecombe County with developing the Eastern North Carolina Livestock Arena & Education Center. This new facility will replace the old livestock arena that was severely damaged during Hurricane Floyd and provide a market for livestock owners in 25 eastern NC counties. The project will provide a new market for cattle owners to market livestock through state graded sales, support livestock shows/sales for 4-H youth, and provide training, marketing, and shows for area producers of value added products. The county has raised more than $1.6 million to construct the barns, show arena and conference center. Golden LEAF funds will be used to purchase equipment, supplies, and furnishings for the facility and to complete site preparation.

Mr. James R. PearcePO Box 10201 St. Andrew StreetTarboro, North Carolina 27886(252) 641-7815
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