East Rockingham Sewer Improvements

City of Rockingham
Program Area:
Community Assistance Initiative
County of Applicant:

This grant will support the City of Rockingham with the construction of a main trunk line for a system that will ultimately provide sewer service to the approximately 630 homes and businesses in the East Rockingham area and eliminate the public health issue of failing septic tanks. The East Rockingham area has a documented history of failing septic tanks which has lead to the inability of occupied homes and businesses to properly dispose of waste, as well as the seepage of sewage from the ground around homes and businesses.

Ms. Sandra Ridley514 Rockingham RoadRockingham, North Carolina 28379(910) 997-5546
Areas Served:

Any project more than a couple of years old may not reflect current Board priorities.
Please contact a staff member with any questions.

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