Chatham-Siler City Advanced Manufacturing (CAM) Site Water & Wastewater Service

Town of Siler City
Program Area:
Major Site Development Initiative
County of Applicant:

This grant provides funding to the Town of Siler City to assist with extending water and wastewater service to serve the 1,802-acre CAM Site in Chatham County. The CAM Site is recognized as a North Carolina Certified Site by the North Carolina Department of Commerce, is a Norfolk Southern Prime Rail Served Site, and completed the Duke Energy Site Readiness Program where it was found to be suitable for automotive manufacturing. The site has received interest from a number of manufacturers that, had they chosen the site, would have created over 1,000 jobs and made capital investments of $500 million or more.

Mr. Roy Lynch311 North Second AvenueSiler City, North Carolina 27344(919) 742-4803
Areas Served:

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