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County of Caswell
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Open Grants Program
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This grant will provide funding to Caswell County to renovate a building on the square in Yanceyville. The renovated building will be the new Caswell Enterprise Center (“CEC”), which will support growth of new and expanding businesses in the county. The CEC will have the capacity to house several tenants and one of the first will be, the developer of Earthstream. Earthstream is a tool designed for golf course managers and small farmers that is placed in the field and gathers data about conditions including light, temperature, and soil moisture. The associated application platform combines this information with other information including weather and drone data to guide management decisions such as when to irrigate or fertilize. The company was formed in North Carolina in 2016 and is currently headquartered in Danville, VA, but is interested in moving to the more agricultural area of Caswell County. The company anticipates that it would create 40 jobs by the end of 2022 of which 16 would be software engineers. Golden LEAF funds will be used to renovate the CEC.

Mr. Bryan MillerPO Box 98144 Court SquareYanceyville, North Carolina 27379(336) 694-4193
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