Building Engineering Pathways through Engineering Physics and Introduction to Engineering Courses

East Carolina University
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Golden LEAF Opportunities for Work - Aerospace Manufacturing
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East Carolina University, along with five participating community colleges and two other university engineering programs, will use GLOW-AM grant funds to construct an essential first step in expanding availability of engineering courses for the NC Community College System leading to a more effective AS to BS in engineering degree articulation pathway. A collaborative team comprised of UNC engineering staff and NCCCS faculty will design critical course content and materials which will allow community college partners to expand access to freshman and sophomore engineering courses for community college students. These courses will provide a cost effective vehicle for students to complete important prerequisite courses prior to transferring from the NCCCS AS program to BS program in the UNC System. Funds will be used to develop and test curricular materials in one engineering foundation course (Introduction to Engineering) and once science course (Calculus based physics).

Dr. Paul J. Kauffmann, PhD, PE(252) 328-9645
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Any project more than a couple of years old may not reflect current Board priorities.
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