Bethel Park Stream Restoration Phase 1

City of Morganton
Program Area:
Flood Mitigation and Recovery Program
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Bethel Park is a highly utilized recreational park located at the convergence of East Prong Hunting Creek and Fiddlers Run in the City of Morganton. The park currently experiences frequent flooding during heavy rainfall events resulting in standing water and sediment deposition around the athletic field and on the majority of the walking trail encompassing the outer park boundary. Area residents also report flooding impacting their property. The city had a detailed assessment of the watershed conducted, including hydrologic and hydraulic modeling to determine necessary improvements. The overall proposed project involves two phases. Golden LEAF flood mitigation grant funds will be used to support implementation of Phase I which includes stream restoration for East Prong Hunting Creek including excavating a lower floodplain at the elevation of the existing incised stream channel, excavating floodplain benches along the new stream alignment to provide increased flow capacity, establishing a riparian buffer along the banks of East Prong Hunting Creek, constructing bioretention swales to direct overbank stormwater flows into the streams, replacing an existing bridge once the stream is widened, redesigning an existing culvert to improve flow, relocating an existing dog park away from the stream to reduce the pollutant load to downstream receiving waters, and elevating recreational areas such as the athletic field and walking track to mitigate flood impacts on the most used open areas. Additional funding for Phase 1 was awarded by the North Carolina Land and Water Fund Grant in 2021 as well as match funding from the City. There are households located in the immediate project area that will benefit from completion of this project.

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