Albemarle Area Welding Workforce P.R.E.P. (Preparing Residents for Economic Prosperity)

College of the Albemarle
Program Area:
Essential Skills in Advanced Manufacturing Initiative
County of Applicant:

The purpose of this grant is to provide funding to the College of the Albemarle to enhance its capabilities to train skilled welders for jobs in the region. Currently, COA’s only welding program is located at the Dare Campus making it difficult for students from the other 6 counties served by the college to access the program or for the college to effectively offer customized or incumbent worker training to existing companies. The region is primarily made up of small to medium sized businesses in agriculture, boat/ship maintenance and repair, and some aviation companies supporting the U.S. Coast Guard facility which need skilled welders and employees trained in industrial maintenance, but consistently find it difficult to locate skilled individuals who qualify for those positions. In addition, Norfolk Navy and New Port News Ship Yards employee over 3,000 welders and regularly post welding vacancies through-out the year. A preliminary survey of 8 northeastern NC companies and 19 in Virginia identified 74 current vacancies and potential growth for an additional 101 welders. The college seeks funds to renovate existing space and equip the main campus with additional welding booths that will allow the college to enroll 25% more students annually, purchase simulated equipment to aid in basic welding skill development, purchase materials and supplies and cover certification fees of students.

Ms. Michelle Waters1208 North Road StreetElizabeth City, North Carolina 27909(252) 473-2264
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