21st Century Paradigm for Agriculture

Surry Community College
Program Area:
Open Grants Program
County of Applicant:

The goals of this grant are to: 1) provide financial assistance for students affected by reduced tobacco income; 2) provide training in viticulture; 3) develop distance learning opportunities in viticulture for all of NC; 3) provide employment assistance; 4) enhance faculty development; 5) construct a research vineyard for Western NC; 6) develop a winery cooperative for the marketing of grapes; and 7) provide support to community and tobacco settlement funding agencies in identifying appropriate solutions to tobacco related community problems.

Mr. Charles Boles630 South Main StreetDobson, North Carolina 27017(336) 386-8121
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Any project more than a couple of years old may not reflect current Board priorities.
Please contact a staff member with any questions.

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