FAQ Golden LEAF Disaster Recovery Program 

What types of expenses are not eligible?

Grant funds may not be used for acquisition of interests in real property or for grant administration. Equipment or infrastructure to be repaired or replaced must have been damaged as a result of Hurricane Matthew, Florence, Michael or Dorian.

How are projects prioritized?

Projects critical to protect life and safety and major equipment necessary to carry out a public function will be receive higher priority. Projects to repair, replace, or improve existing infrastructure damaged as a result of a storm will receive higher priority than a hazard mitigation request.

We are still waiting for final FEMA Public Assistance and insurance information, but we know it won’t be enough to complete the project. Can we still apply?

Yes! It is not unusual for an application to be revised following submission.

We have enough funding from FEMA and insurance to repair our infrastructure, but we’d like to improve it while we’re repairing. Is that eligible?

Yes! Improvements to damaged infrastructure, including those for mitigation are eligible.

When are applications due?

Golden LEAF accepts applications on a rolling basis until all available funds are awarded. 

When is the next meeting of the Golden LEAF Board? 

The schedule of meetings is posted on our website

Is there a limit on the amount of funds or number of projects that may be requested?

No. There is no cap on the grant amount or limit on the number of projects that may be applied for.

What counties are eligible to apply?

A project must be located in a county under the federal Major Disaster Declaration for either Hurricanes Matthew, Florence, and Dorian or Tropical Storm Michael.

If I already applied do I need to resubmit my application for consideration under this new program?

No. Submitted applications remain eligible for consideration until acted upon by the Golden LEAF Board. However, applications that were started but not yet submitted are no longer accessible and will need to be restarted in the new portal.

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